Sam – An Online Novel


Sam: husband and father, working a fairly successful job in a niche part of the finance industry. Going from upstanding example of an “up-and-coming” church leader to church-less, Sam faces the brokenness, temptations, struggles, failures and victories in his past, his marriage, faith and fatherhood. Having nothing to hide as everything in his life is called into question, he willingly walks down the path of deconstruction and exploration.



Chapter List.  (Final product may have chapters in a different order for continuity purposes)

I am currently revising, editing and changing a few things in the Sam novel.  The links below are set to private, for now.  Once done, I will have only chapter previews below and hopefully, a link where you can go to Amazon or another e-publisher to get the book on Kindle. 

 -1- Birthday

-2- Late Night

-3- Greek for Lunch

-4- Falling Short

-5- Broken: Part 1

-6- Allison

-7- Broken: Part 2

-8- Left Unspoken


-9- Prayer Warriors and Machiavelli

-10- Doubts & Paper Trails

-11- Bait & Switch: Part 1

-12- Bait & Switch: Part 2

“Sam” is the work and intellectual property of Tom Randall, Copyright (c) 2012, all rights reserved.


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