About Tom & LITQM

I’m just a guy. I’m a father, husband and friend living in the PAC-NW who enjoys being outdoors, reading, martial arts, shooting, mountain biking, working out and playing with his kids.

Life In The Question Marks is my outlet for the spiritual journey I’ve been on. My earlier posts start about six months to a year after I left the four walls of the church; putting more thought and words to the questions I had. Some of those early posts are the catalyst to me leaving (don’t threaten the pastor’s paycheck!). The tone changes eventually from less cross-examination of false beliefs and doctrine to paying attention to the ebb and flow of my heart. This takes place in the form of fictional writing and also reflections on the journey this far among “barbarians” .

You won’t find me writing here all the time, every couple of months or so, unless I really want to share something that I think will be helpful on this journey. However, you can find me writing more consistently over at In Pursuit of Mastery.


I would love to hear from you. Let's have a good conversation but not go thermo-nuclear, mmmkay?

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