Hope deferred

Here’s the thing:
I want the King to come.
I want to go that glorious feast; the one that I am sure Jesus was thinking about with a smile on his lips and wink in his eye when he revealed his Glory at the Wedding in Cana.
I want to see that He really has prepared a special place, just for me and to know my True Name.
I want an end to the pain and hurt.

I want hearts fully restored, healed and glorified.

I want to see tears of joy as people are united with loved ones long since gone.

I want to see husbands and wives reunited.

I want to see children reunited with their parents.
I want to see the One who has held onto me more than I ever could to Him.
I want to see restoration, redemption, and reconciliation everywhere that I look.
I want that all to happen, in an instant.
As the book of Proverbs so aptly states: Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
We need to stop giving these people the time of day.
We need to borrow a lesson from the Babylonian captivity and go about our lives and look for the ways we are supposed to bring God’s Kingdom here…


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