Still here: thinking, stewing, chewing, digesting and reflecting

I’m still around. I’ve been slowing down on this blog for a couple reasons.

  • I’m trying to make progress on Endure and let my fiction “skills” fly.
  • I’m also juggling the S4F site.

As the inspiration or recent event grabs me, I’ll make a small comment or prepare a small slider of sacred cow over at the LITQM Facebook page, like this one:

10/26/14 When a guest or “special” speaker is at your church for a few days, and he/she keeps encouraging you to come back because she/he will be revealing “some things” God has been showing them, notice as you attend every meeting that you will never hear “the things” that God has been showing them. Instead you will get vague hints, but never any real substance. Then the pastors will get up and talk about some of the “things” that the speaker has revealed to them about what God is doing, again, with all the same vagueness. Well, at least that is my experience from the last 12 years or so… over and over and over again. #baitandswitch #hooklineandsinker #sheepgettingfleeced #smokeandmirrors #poorsalesmanship #foolmeonceshameonyoufoolmetwiceshameonme
On my count, there are 10 more posts over on the FB page, so definitely check those out.
Mainly though, I’ve been chewing on a lot of different things and trying to listen more than anything. I’ve been listening to different views and perspectives from people of all walks of life, really. From conservative to liberal, christian to atheist, straight to transgender, you name it, I’ve probably read/listened to a view or two recently. As I listen I’ve been, as the title suggests, thinking, stewing, chewing, digesting and reflecting on what each of these voices have to say. Even if it was hard or difficult to read or hear. I don’t voice my opinion, because that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to listen and think.
I would like to continue the “Sam” series. I believe there are a few things left unsaid there, but the muse isn’t with me to finish it at this point. I recognize that now. All in its time, I guess.
Many thanks to the 108 followers.
Feel free to drop a line. I don’t bite.
~tom @ LITQM

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