Is your church worship “pagan”?

I’ve spoken many times regarding the sacred cow of worship, this article nails it down in many ways.

Check it here, “Is your church worship more pagan than christian?”

But, but, but! What about the scriptures that talk about “coming into His presence/temple/gates” with “thanksgiving and praise”? What about “he inhabits the praises of his people”?

Wrong covenant, sorry.

Inspired by the comedic words of a “blue-collar” comedian,

“If you think that singing songs is what moves God, you might be a pagan christian.”

“If you think that God needs to be entertained for his Presence to come, you might be a pagan christian”…. i could go on, but I’ll stop.


2 thoughts on “Is your church worship “pagan”?

  1. When I was younger and “attending church” with my parents/family, we always had to dress up nice, especially on Sunday mornings (we also attended Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings).

    A couple times I asked the forbidden question, “Why?” Specifically, I asked one time if there was a Scriptural basis for having to dress a certain way when gathering with other believers. Believe it or not, I was told that the Old Testament priests had to wear certain garments in order for their service to be acceptable to God. In the same way, allegedly, we needed to wear dress clothes in order for our worship to be acceptable to God. “You can’t just go into God’s house and enter into His presence looking any way you want,” I was told.

    I asked, “Then why are we allowed to wear jeans and a T-shirt on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings? Aren’t we ‘entering into God’s presence’ then too?” That’s about the time we pulled the van over to the side of the road to set me straight.

    Of course, I don’t even agree with the idea of “entering into God’s presence” in a worship service, as if we leave His presence as soon as the service is over. When you said, “Wrong covenant, sorry,” it made me think of this occasion in my younger years.

    1. Right? Some of the most transformative moments I’ve had in my understandings as a christian have come from some of the most simple questions and observations. Thanks for responding, Adam!

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