Israel’s 5-Month Locust Invasion In 70 AD (Revelation 9:1-11)

Just one more reason why I love the work Adam is doing over at Pursuing Truth. If one reads the “end times” scriptures with a little bit of reason and a dose of historical review, things become quite clear indeed.

Pursuing Truth

Series: “Little Gems from Our Study of the Book of Revelation”

The following study waspublished yesterday in The Fulfilled Connection (TFC) Magazine, and is adapted fromour study of Revelation 9:

In this study of the first half of Revelation 9, we will see that:

  • John’s vision of locusts tormenting men for five months is parallel to the length of time that Israel was prone to locust invasions throughout its history;
  • This also mirrors the length of the Roman siege in Jerusalem in 70 AD, leading to that city’s downfall;
  • The Roman siege even took place during the same months that locusts would typically invade Israel’s land;
  • Josephus spoke of men seeking death, but not finding it, just like John saw in his vision and just like Jesus said would be the case for the “daughters of Jerusalem” and their children (Luke 23:27-30);
  • The name of this…

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