Appetizers of Annointed Angus

Or….more Sliders of Sacred Cow. I’m just trying to be clever with the titles right now. Maybe next time I’ll call it Burgers of Benevolent Bovine.  I’m not sure. Either way, enjoy these recent posts I’ve done as the inspiration struck me over in Facebook-land.

Bon A petit!

“You know, I think that the institution has made the blue/pink/purple & ambient lighting industry boom in the last few years. Just an observation.” ~07/29/2014
“My dear dedicated, sold-out, on-fire Christian:I know you are tired, but you bravely put your “hand to the plow” to do a good work for God. Two services on sundays, plus a service on Wednesday, a prayer meeting or two during the week plus other volunteer opportunities… yet, you don’t “feel” what other “on-fire” christians feel, do you? You don’t seem to see or feel what they claim as tangible.

Fake it, though you may, hoping that maybe it’ll happen to you. Maybe you’ll really be “slain in the spirit” this time. Maybe you’ll really get to hear God’s voice this time. You just need to keep that smile on your face. You just need to keep saying the right things. You just need to keep giving more than you can afford to give. You just have to keep believing and confessing and doing… right? The words that are preached aren’t matching up to the words you are seeing on the paper, much less matching up to the life you are experiencing…is it?

But you hear this haunting, still small voice inside asking: How much is enough? When will you have done enough? When is there time for rest?

Maybe, my dear friend…that still small voice IS God. Maybe, from the depths of your being He is calling out to you to stop laboring, stop wearing the mask, stop pretending…and just: live.” ~ 07/30/2014

“Approx 30AD the Temple Curtain was torn in two. 70AD the Temple was completely and utterly destroyed, literally leaving no stone unturned.Why do I say this?

YOU are the “house” of God. There no longer is, nor shall there ever be again, a physical location that God claims is “his” house and only there shall he keep his presence. There no longer is, nor shall there ever be again a place where people need to make pilgrimages to. He resides in his children 24/7/365 nonstop, NOTHING can separate or change that fact.

The New Covenant changed SO MUCH, stop listening to, believing and buy in to Old Covenant beliefs, mindsets and platitudes.” ~ 08/03/2014


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