Serving Sliders of Sacred Cow

Recently, I’ve been posting short little snippets over on the LITQM Facebook page. I lovingly refer to them as “Sacred Cow Sliders”. They aren’t the large, BBQ pit-master meals that I’ve served up over here, just small little snacks.  Here are the recent ones.

“Beware the description of a Pastor as “First among equals”. It is telling to see that this is “primus inter pares” in Latin, why Latin? Well this very title (yes, title) was given to Roman Emperors… things that make you go hmmm…” ~07/28/2014
“That’s funny, I don’t recall the apostles charging a substantial fee for the Gospel or for their disciples to learn about living in The Way, praying, being led of the Spirit, performing miracles, etc.” ~07/27/2014
“If you are focusing on receiving the anointing of Elijah or Elisha or John The Baptist or one of the Apostles you’re doing it wrong. Jesus is called THE Anointed One for a reason. try focusing on your namesake and what He has done for you for a change. #youarecalledCHRISTianforareason #otherpeoplesanointingsaresalestoolsandlies~07/27/2014
“To say that someone’s position on a topic, or their opinion, or viewpoint, etc. is “tainted” because they are speaking from a position of “bitterness” or “resentment” or “anger” is to dismiss them in a cowardly way. Even if that person is speaking from bitterness, resentment, anger or just plain heartbreak, does it really make their claims any less valid? Spiritual cowards would say that it does, and they speak from the seat of their cowardice: fear.”~07/22/2014
“You are not a spiritual battery that needs to be “recharged” to survive. You are not a spiritual electrical device that needs to be “plugged in” so you don’t lose power. Nor are you a spiritual gas tank that needs to be “refueled” so you can keep going.These are analogies of The System, The Matrix, The Machine.

These analogies are designed to keep you coming back to the refuel/recharge “stations” which keep the cogs of the machine moving along.

You don’t need to be recharged, The System does..

You don’t need to be plugged in, The Matrix does.

You don’t need to be refueled, The Machine does.

Pull. The. Plug.

Starve. The. Machine.”~07/13/2014


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