The Purge

You know how your body reacts to something you’ve consumed and it doesn’t like it? Out one end or the other right? No matter how hard you try to fight it? You might’ve liked it, it might’ve tasted good going down…but something about it just doesn’t sit well with your body. That’s kind of how I have felt about my process/journey here at LITQM. I’ve been “getting rid” of a lot of stuff that I thought was good for me. Beliefs, doctrines, Sacred Cows, etc.

Man…there has been a lot that I have “swallowed” over the years that I have been working through.

You know how you feel during the purge where there is a “lull”, you can go about your business but you are sure that you will have to return to purge some more sometime in the future and then you’ll be done? That’s how I feel right now. There are a few posts I’ve been thinking and chewing on, letting subjects come up that I’m “purging”. One, for example is about the thoughts and mindsets surrounding “persecution” and other small little Sacred Cows.

I find myself thinking about what I’ll do once I get that “last bit” out of me. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying more articles from yours truly! Articles about living a life of faith in the midst of questions, about the beauty of having “mystery” in a relationship with God, things like that, uplifting things.

I do a lot of thinking and over-thinking about the posts I’m creating, sometimes to a fault. But I’m still around.

“Sam” has come to a standstill while I hash through a few issues I’ve been coming across with it. More of a pain in the ass than anything else, really. At the same time, I feel like a kid hopped up on Mountain Dew, Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Bears as I juggle plans I have for “Sam”, “Endure” and a science fiction story that I’ve been outlining.

Le sigh… so many things to do.

Well, for the loyal readership that I have, I am grateful. Feel free to drop a line anytime, the door is always open.

Talk with you soon!


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