Douglas Wilson: “Dealing with Nuisance Lust”

I was reading this post and I just have to share it with you.  I was having a Miles Finch moment while I was reading it.

“It’s just one of those ideas, I’m just psyched out of my mind about…ya’ know, it’s just one of those ideas where you’re like, YES!”  ~Miles Finch, “Elf”

I could ramble on with my own observations regarding this subject and how they relate to his post, my disgust for how most churches treat the subject and how they treat men, the uselessness of “accountability” partners and so on.  But I won’t. 

Mr. Wilson has done a great job through the medium of a “letter” to an earnest christian married man, how to handle to subject.  It’s well done.

So, click this link, and enjoy the article.

Bon Apetit.


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