WTF on Wednesday!

Hopefully this little illustrated “rant” gives you a laugh or two.  I thought it was a funny idea, so WTF Wednesday, let’s do this!

It is after all….HUMP DAA- 


 As I browse through websites “dedicated” to that source we call “news”, I really, really, really try to stay away from the comments section.  Here, let me illustrate:

Tom browsing the interwebz for good articles to read.  Oh look, there's one!
Tom browsing the interwebz for good articles to read. Oh look, there’s one!

Not too bad of an article…

Hmm... Should I read what other's had to say about this?
Hmm… Should I read what other’s had to say about this?


Too late…

Why...why, God, WHY?!?!
Why…why, God, WHY?!?!

More often than not, it’s an embarrassment. 

I really shouldn't have gone into the neutral zone this time...
I really shouldn’t have gone into the neutral zone this time…

It’s like watching a literary train wreck, you want to look away… but you just…can’t…stop…reading! 

There’s so…much…fail…


To restate the obvious:  there is an overall lack of knowledge or patience or even the ability for both sides in ANY topic to truly discuss and exchange ideas without it EXPLODING INTO AN ALL CAPS WAR BLAMING EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING: BIEBER!  BUSH!  O’REILLY!  OBAMA!  COLMES!  CLOONEY!


Really?  You had to go there?
Really? You had to go there?


Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, even backed up with facts.   (You know the other guy is more than likely going to have “facts” that will back up his opinion too… right?)

I personally think it is funny when one person does state their viewpoint (whether I agree with them or not isn’t the point) in a well thought out, peaceful, with correct grammar and punctuation and then the other person just loses their minds.  It’s pretty damn funny.

All in all, by now you can probably see exactly why I try to steer clear of the comments and just move on to the next article.  I do, from time to time, comment on a blogger’s piece, mainly to say “well done” or some other positive remark and I steer clear of making the thread subject to alien intervention.

So here is something to think about, maybe it will help make a more peaceful “neutral zone”, however I don’t think it’ll help at all. 

But, it humors me, so, I’m a’gunna say it!

I'm listening....
I’m listening….

What if our comment boards were how alien races judged our intelligence level, whether or not we were “ready” for contact and whether or not they should just destroy or enslave us?

Yeah….just lost a little hope for humanity didn’t ya?

Uh oooooooooh.....
Uh oooooooooh…..

Let’s make the world safer for alien races to contact us. 

Maybe we’ll become friends and gain some useful technology that will help rid the world of hunger, produce clean water and give clean, free energy or other useful things like that without having to provide them with human bodies for food or experimentation or something else like that.

Anyone ever seen the Twilight Zone episode where the aliens have a book called “How to serve Humanity”…?

Have a great Wednesday!

Did this article make you smile or laugh a little bit?  Let me know in the comments, just remember, the aliens are watching you…

We are watching...really we are...
We are watching…really we are…

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