Book Review: “SNAP!” by Mick Mooney

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of Mick Mooney’s upcoming book (released today!) and I am so glad that I am able to write this review for you all!

The full title is:  “SNAP:  Everyone has a breaking point”, and my, oh my, do they ever!

Honestly, there is so much to talk about in this work of his because it covers a lot of ground!  The first three chapters of the book alone are worth the price for this on Kindle, paperback or however you purchase it (see below for a great offer!)

As I read his newest work, I felt that Mick had his fingers on the pulse of the great majority of churches in America and “westernized” churches worldwide in regards to attitudes, practices, theology, etc.

Covering religion versus faith, living free versus living in religious bondage, submitting to your pastor versus submitting to the Spirit of God, sacrificing family on the altar of service to God versus taking the harder road of Love and rescuing their hearts, controlling a congregation versus being a real shepherd…and so much more!  Mick weaves these topics through the lives of the characters in ways that moved me to excitement and wanting to scream “HELL YEAH!” to literally laughing out loud and also being moved to tears.

In this book, Mick actually uses a character of his, Ted, to say the quote that I have here on my page.  It was this quote from Mick that inspired the name of this blog.  Here is it again, as I have it posted in the About section:

“Genuine friendships grow and flourish in the question marks of life, not in the exclamation points.  Friendships develop around listening to each others questions, fears and concerns without judgement, and without responding with stock-standard answers.  When we stop dictating answers, and instead learn to listen, to love, and to grow within the questions of those around us, we develop much healthier friendships; friendships that do more than fill our time, they fill our hearts.”

One of the things I like best about this work is, that it helps me both sympathize and empathize with the Pastors that I have known over the years.  I only understand the view-point of the lay-person, the volunteer, the one who yearns to be on staff but isn’t, the one who dreams of a “career” in “Ministry” but isn’t “there”.  Although I desired it, I’ve never been in the position of a full-fledged Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, or Senior Pastor – and honestly, now that I’ve grown, I am so thankful to God that I never stepped into any of those roles!

I’ve watched as an ambitious and young senior pastor and his wife ran a church into the ground because their vision was too big, too ambitious and the entire church body dwindled and collapsed under the pressure.

I’ve felt the awkwardness of feeling like I would have to “compete” for a pastor position when a Youth Pastor left (as he accepted a Senior Pastor position elsewhere) and the majority of the “kids” kept asking and wanting me to be the Youth Pastor and I wanted no part in competing for a “calling”!

I’ve witnessed the pressure behind the scenes of a man who would become the next Youth Pastor as he was given a list of things the Senior and Associate Pastor wanted to see him do & accomplish before they made him the Youth Pastor.

I’ve seen a congregation act as if they would rather have their Senior Pastor (who was having health issues and wanting to retire) die than be “uncomfortable” with the change in having a new pastor take over.  Seriously!  I’ve seen congregants turn on each other and a Senior Pastor resign over a power play for his position.

I’ve said all that to say this:  my heart goes out to them.

Each and every one of them.

They all deserve a better life in Christ.  And so do the church-goers.

If you want to pray for your pastor, pray that they aren’t being held captive by their own visions, pray that they aren’t struggling under a yoke of bondage that God has nothing to do with.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, read this book, even though it is fictional it covers a lot of real scenarios going on in churches all over the place and it will definitely give you something to pray about!

Back to the book.

The second thing I like is that through the lives of the characters, it offers and gives voice so many questions or thoughts that I have had and that I am sure many more have had too.  Questions and thoughts about how should “church” look, really?  How should actually living as a believer in Christ look, really?   How do I live by faith from my heart, really?  If you’ve read my blog at all or the “about” tab, you probably already see why I like this work so much.

Recently I was at Mick’s website, (click here to go there yourself), and noticed that this will be the first in a series and I am VERY excited to see where Mick is taking the story next!

This is the third work that I have read by Mick and he is definitely an author and writer to pay attention to.

Mick is offering his entire readership a free copy of his book SNAP over at amazon today and tomorrow.  Click this link to go there and get your copy!


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