Reports from “the field”

Hello, World!

Things have been hectic at work and on the home front over the last month which is why I haven’t had much energy to focus on LITQM, Sam or Endure very much.  Which irks me a little because I love writing!  So I figured I’d give you a few bits and pieces of what I am working on that will be released within the next few weeks.

Since I love reading, you’ll continue to get book reviews.  Speaking of which, I just finished reading an advance copy of Mick Mooney’s new book:  “SNAP:  Everyone Has a Breaking Point”.  After speaking with Mick via email, I will post my review of his newest work on 11/05/2013 to coincide with his official book release date.  Stay tuned for that.

The Sam project still has at the very least a few more chapters left to go, currently juggling them while I figure out how exactly I want to wrap it up.  I know how I want to end it, and I think the finished version will be a little different from how it has gone so far, but the heart and soul of it will remain the same.

As you know, I am also trying my hand in a different genre and working on Endure.  I’m currently in the middle of structuring how where exactly I want to go with this project.  With the ideas I have, it could very well be a two or three-part series.  I have successfully posted the Prologue, Journal Entry 1 and the first half of chapter 1.  With this project, I am only publishing the journal entries and the first or second half of the chapters.  I would love to know what you guys think of it!

Back here at LITQM, I have a few rough drafts for a series of posts I am calling “Symptoms of the Sickness” which (roughly)explores living religion versus living a life of faith – in other words, being a part of the church versus The Church.  I also have a few posts that are finished, but, I’m hesitant to publish them.  Mainly because some of it was written in the middle of a rant-fest and while the content is good, I would like to refine them – for example I have one about my views of “accountability” specifically from the male perspective (since, duh, I’m a male).  I’m sure it will piss some people off, and I’m not concerned with that, my main concern is making sure that my ideas and thoughts come across clearly.

I also have a sci-fi idea brimming and brewing in my head and a little bit on paper.  I’ll keep you informed on when that begins to come to fruition.  I think I’ll do that one similar to Endure where I only publish bits and pieces of it and then release the work in its entirety on Amazon.

Anywho…there is a good snippet of what is going on and what is going to happen in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

You know, I am honored by all of you who have considered my blog “follow-able” and I would love to hear from you!

Moving Forward.



3 thoughts on “Reports from “the field”

    1. Sounds good to me! Since Monday was a holiday, I decided to do 20 pushups every 30min until I reached 200. 10 close & 10 wide grip back to back. 100 of each after all was said and done, however, I wasn’t as sore as I expected on Tuesday. That’s a good sign! Haha. Can’t argue with more PT! 😀

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