Simply, Simple Church

Simply, Simple Church

In the past I have mentioned and in future posts I know I will still talk some on the difference between “the church”, lowercase “t” & “c” and The Church (The Body of believers, the true church).  If you have read a few of my earlier posts, you would know that I do not go and “do” church like so many do on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

If you would like to know or have a glimpse as to “what” exactly I do, then check this website out (link above), or go to their Facebook page: Treasure Valley Simple Church.  

This is what a few of us in our area are after, or have been doing. This will explain a lot.

It isn’t as grand as an ambient lighting stage for worship, or massive programs, or it might not be a “BIG VISION” like you might be used to.  It’s simple, effective, messy and wonderful.

A excerpt from the “Values” page:

“We believe that the home is to be the primary place for gathering, as buildings tend to suck up resources as well as create an inward facing machine that constantly needs to be fed and depended upon. When we’re overly concerned about feeding the machine (i.e. paying rent, maintaining our buildings, re-paving the parking lot, etc.) we tend to forget about the marginalized and vulnerable that are living right outside of it. We’re not interested in obtaining a building or public “worship space,” as “the God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man.” You won’t see any building campaigns or money thermometers with us.”


4 thoughts on “Simply, Simple Church

  1. Good on you folks! Taking The Church from ‘pastor centric’ to its rightful construct of ‘member centric’ will do you a world of good!

    As in one of the earlier posts on the on-going saga, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, no one elevated above the other with rank or title.

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