Worthless? I think not!

If you believe in Christ and all you think or believe about yourself is that you are worthless, untrustworthy, prone to bad decisions and thoughts and incapable to doing anything good…

Where is the Hope?

Where is the Light?

Where is Grace?

How heavy is that yoke of self focus, assessment, criticism and unworthiness?

Where is the light yoke and easy burden?

Where is the rest for your souls?

Jesus promised those things, you know…

Yes, there is a difference between knowing that you can do nothing to become Godly and make yourself righteous, those acts are worthless.   For it is He who restores and brings you into a new creation.  It is He that gives you a light yoke and easy burden and rest.  You can’t do it on your own.  That’s Grace for ya!

But isn’t it in Christ that you do in fact have worth?

Isn’t it in Christ that you can renew your mind?

Isn’t it in Christ and through Christ that good can be done?

Why do you think you are worthless?

If you are worthless, why then does it say that He loved you enough to come for you while you were still in that old life of sin?

If you are worthless, why does it say that He took on and endured the Cross for the JOY set before Him?  That Joy?  Seeing you Restored.

Has the Cross not changed anything?

Is His Spirit living inside you powerless to help you grow from the inside out into a new creation?

Time to start thinking in the light of what He did, what He is doing, what He promised and what He wants to do… yes?

There is Life to be lived…

If you don’t believe in Him, there is a Place with a Reservation just for you.  There will always be a Place for you.  It is better than what most churches promise or talk about, better than rules and systems hanging over your head, better than hopelessness and perfectionism, better than religion.  Maybe it’s time?

There is Life to be lived…


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