What does Creation teach me about the Creator?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.  In Him was Life, and the Life was the light of men.”   ~The Gospel According to John, Chapter 1, verses 1 – 4 (NKJV)

“An artist is revealed in the work he or she creates, and in the abundance of the work created.  Think of the ocean.  Picture it in your mind.  Tonight, the breakers are thundering on the reef a hundred yards out, and beyond that open ocean.  What does this tell us about Jesus?  What words come to mind?”   ~Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge

I love nature.  I love animals.  I am captivated, absolutely in awe of creation.  My wife and I share a mutual joy with watching nature documentaries on PBS, or getting DVDs from the local library or our Netflix membership.  I am completely fascinated.  The majority of my commute to and from work takes me along more ‘rural’ roads which affords me more sweeping views of fields, little outcroppings of trees, creeks, things like that.  I am mindful of my surroundings and I frequently keep an eye out for nature.  Pheasant, Geese, Ducks, even the occasional Blue Heron (a large crane-like bird which I have grown very fond of, a story I’ll share another time), even some Peregrine Falcons are often seen on my commute.  From time to time, I’ll be sharing with you things that I have experienced, witnessed and observed in nature.  Things that point me to the Creator, the one through Whom all things were made.

This is a Sand Piper. (edit 06/19/2013 – I kept forgetting the ‘proper name’, which is Killdeer)


She is almost center in the photo, sitting down among the perma-bark/gravel.  See her?  Good.

Now, Sand Pipers are interesting little birds.  I’ve been told that when someone or something comes near a piper’s nest, the piper will give out this high-pitched chirp, squeal and try to lure that thing away from the nest in order to protect the eggs.  I’ve also been told that the piper will actually act like it is injured, thus making the predator believe that the piper is easy prey and hopefully miss finding the nest in pursuit of the “injured” piper.  When this happens, when you get close to the piper, it would then quickly, very quickly walk away a yard or two and repeat the process.

Now, I’ve only seen part of this process.  I’ve seen many little pipers chirping/screeching/squealing (whatever the technical term would be called) and quickly moving away.  But I’ve never seen it act injured.

All that changed over the last few days.

See that picture above?  That was taken on my cell phone – sorry iPhone/smart phone users…I don’t have one of those fancy phones so I could instagram my photo.  Cut me some slack, though, I’m a father of four, so my money goes elsewhere.  That photo was taken in the front parking lot of my work.  If you were to follow that little sidewalk to the right you would see a four lane highway.  It is a major road in our area.  55mph.  Might not be much to some, but given its location, it’s a pretty impressive piece of road.

I took that photo yesterday, Friday, about two days after I took this photo.


Four little piper eggs.

I was coming back to work after lunch, having put a book I was reading back in my car – I’ll have a book review for you guys when its done, its a pretty good book – and I noticed this little piper screeching her head off!  I stopped and looked at her, she just kept going.  I figured that there might be a nest, but I thought it would be in the shrubs along the sidewalk or maybe even the larger bushes that sat between the sidewalk and the highway.

Late afternoon, or as Dr. Sheldon Cooper might call it: prevening, I was walking back to my car and sure enough she was screeching again.  This time, two landscapers were standing close by.  I briefly mentioned to them that there must be a nest nearby, they concurred and then pointed right to it.

I’d never seen a piper nest before and was surprised that it was right there, apparently out in the open!  But, from a distance and even if you are looking right at the gravel, it takes a little bit of time to find the eggs.  Although it isn’t perfect, the eggs blended in fairly well.

This is when I took the photo of the eggs.

I watched ‘momma’ and she was going berserk standing about two yards away from the nest.  That’s when I saw it, and in hindsight I should have taken pictures.  She started to act like she was injured!  It was fascinating.  She would get down and move her tail feathers in a way that made her look injured.  Then she would do something else, she would spread and contort her wings in such a way where they looked broken.  Seriously!

Absolutely clever, absolutely brilliant.

Then if I moved closer to her, she would slowly move and then pop up and scurry away a few feet and do it again.

Thursday, I found her sitting faithfully on her eggs.  All.  Day.  Long.  From what I observed, nobody bother her or threatened her eggs.  That is how I was able to take the first picture.

Friday, again she sat faithfully on her eggs.  At lunch time I came close by and she began to chirp and get louder.  I slowly walked away to my car so I could drive to a nearby park and read and looking back, I then noticed the male showed up this time too.  A few feet away on the lookout.  First time I’d seen a male come in to help.  Pretty cool, really.  Friday there was more landscaper activity, so I saw her get up a couple of times from her nest to begin her little ruse.  Ever faithful.

Just, fascinating.

Now, as a little asterisk to all this – I don’t want you thinking that I am some crazy, mourning over fallen trees, “earth-first” type person.

I just appreciate the brilliance of creation.  Is it a paradox that I also like to fish and hunt but am not a trophy hunter or trophy fisherman?  I digress.  Back to my main idea here.

What does creation teach me, or reveal to me about the Creator?

Think about it.  Based on what I have shared with you, what would this reveal about God to you?  What would God like to reveal about Himself to you?

Now, I’m not saying that God would reveal 100% of Himself in a little bird.  But, if the artist is revealed in the art he or she creates, and if the Creator can be revealed in what He creates – then just like the purpose of Scripture – Nature and Creation, to a degree should point us back to the One who created them, revealing even a part of His Nature.

I see cleverness, faithfulness, a little bit of cunning, a willingness to create life in the middle of great danger.  That last one I’m sure could feed a conversation for a few friends and I for hours.

Like getting a glimpse of Him I find myself being fascinated and captivated by it.

From time to time, you can expect posts like these, so, let’s get some convo going, shall we?

Let me know what you think!  Did this help at all?  Was there a glimpse of Him that you saw in this piece, or, have you encountered glimpses of Him through His creation recently?

I hope to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!

<Addition 06/19/2013>

I’ve been checking on the ‘little momma’ every day.  Still she sits, staying at her post.  Doing her ‘thing’ when people come to close.  Yesterday evening a fast and furious dust & wind storm blew through.  Today, we have had some interesting rain storms.  As of this writing, we are in a really nice, heavy downpour…with hail!  Still she sits, sitting on those eggs, keeping them warm and dry.  Keeping them safe in the middle of a chaos that those little lifeforms-in-development can’t even begin to fathom, yet.

Through Creation, I see an enduring Love, steadfastness, willing to see to the end the purpose in which He has determined.

The phrase “Author and Finisher of our Faith” comes to mind.

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