FB-land & More Posts to come!

Well, it’s official:  there is now a Facebook page for all the users out in FB-land.  I even have a link down there over on the right side of this page!

If everything is done right, that link will take you to the FB-land site and also, when I post something here, it will automatically show up as a link on the FB site.  Making it easier for the die-hard FB-Land users to keep up with the posts.  This post is actually a ‘test’ of sorts to see if it actually works!

Speaking of posts…”Sam” Chapter 3 should be coming out tomorrow, if all goes as planned.  There are also about thirteen other posts (I know, right??) that are in draft stage right now and I chew on them and what I want to communicate in them.  Of those posts are more “Sam” chapters, one post in particular about “Sonship & Adoption” that I am working on, and a few others, one about “Healing”, one about “Tithing”.  That one about “tithing” is a revision from my original FB-land post… boy oh boy did that cause a little bit of ‘stirring’!  Hahaha… good times.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Searching for Life In The Question Marks,



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