Differences and Disagreements, Godlessness and Un-Fruitfulness

As I began to make my most recent page, I started to over-calculate the response.  I have a habit of doing this, trying to anticipate things that are five moves ahead, just ask my wife, it sometimes is a good thing but sometimes its a bad thing in that I get obsessive over it.

The reality with creating a blog is this:  Even though I am using this to help myself and other people as we navigate through life, people will disagree with me and even try to argue with me or slander me.

Thankfully, I’m (for the most part) used to it over in Facebook-land.  (Oh…my…God…Facebook-land!  You are both free to express your thoughts and also free to invite some of the most crazy and/or enraging responses.  It’s just…crazy over there.)

Will you be able to ‘define’ my theology by viewing the sites I recommend or reading my blog posts?  You might, but then again you might rush to a wrong conclusion.  I am human, so it can ‘bother’ me when there is a disagreement but that is a natural response within the human race, no?  We want to be right.  We want to have a firm grasp on ALL of the answers.  This is error and it is a form of Godlessness.

God doesn’t reveal Himself in our strengths does He?  He is revealed more in our weaknesses, yes?

If the ones I disagree with point people to Christ consistently and I am finding myself disagreeing with whatever they post or say, I pause, sometimes for quite a while, to try figuring out why I disagree with them.  I try to let God via His Spirit show me why I disagree and whether this is an issue within myself that Christ is trying to help fix, or if I am misunderstanding them, or whatever.  I know, a new concept right?  I mean, who in their right mind’s wants to be led by the Spirit and use their God-given gift of reason these days?? 

Is my disagreement based in doctrine?

Is their post just not my ‘flavor’?

Are they making an idol of themselves or something else and pointing people away from Christ?

If they pointed people away from Christ, I might ask a question to try and clarify, or I might just walk away from the whole thing.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to argue with everyone or be an ‘Answer Man’ or correct everyone I believe is wrong.  You might want to try doing the same.

No matter what you read, either here on my site or elsewhere, regardless of it agreeing with your current theological stances or if it just grinds your gears, I pose a question:

Are you taking these issues, questions and topics to Jesus and allowing His Spirit to illuminate Truth from the false and bring Life to the Scripture? 

Or, are you merely running back to a few selected favorite verses and your favorite pastor/evangelist/theologian website in order to help reinforce your viewpoint and then dig deeper into your fortress?

That is both a challenge, and also a confession.  It is a hard thing for me to do, taking these things to Jesus, I mean.  It’s definitely not automatic.  I like to be right, I want to be right.  That’s human.

Look, I’m all for conversation and learning but you are wasting your time if you are scouring my website in order to find something wrong with me and then try to get into some theological pissing contest with me.  I’ll save you time:  you are going to find something you don’t like especially if you are looking for something to disagree with.

So with all love and respect:  deal with it.

Go back to the Father about it.

Even though I can hold my own, I hate heated arguments and debates.  Especially when they are totally unfruitful.  I’ve lashed out many times but it never bares any fruit.

Now, almost paradoxically, I personally appreciate a good argument or debate.

However, my grounds for this appreciation for a good argument is that it is between two people who know, love and respect each other.  To me, that can be part of the ‘iron sharpens iron’ process, but also the opposing sides (if you want to call them that) should have each other’s best interests in mind.  In the case of arguing theologically, shouldn’t it be because they wish to understand each other’s viewpoint?  Shouldn’t it be also to be open to the possibility that they, themselves, could be wrong?  Granted, again, we all want to be right.  But I think this is why I find myself more and more withholding responses online, even if someone says/posts something totally idiotic regarding God.

Yes, I want to be right but I want more to be taught by God and hopefully by word and example, encourage others to do the same.


I would love to hear from you. Let's have a good conversation but not go thermo-nuclear, mmmkay?

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