The “First” Post. Thanks for stopping by!

So…”Life In The Question Marks”.  That’s the name I’m going with.  At least for the now, anyway.  It fits, this is who and where I am.  Living life in the question marks.  It actually comes from a quote by another blogger, Mick Mooney.  (You should check him out!)  The quote is this:

“Genuine friendships grow and flourish in the question marks of life, not in the exclamation points. Friendships develop around listening to each others questions, fears and concerns without judgement, and without responding with stock-standard answers. When we stop dictating answers, and instead learn to listen, to love, and to grow within the questions of those around us, we develop much healthier friendships; friendships that do more than fill our time, they fill our hearts.”
I’m getting comfortable with having more questions than exclamation points.  As I think on it, I’m not sure if I ever want to have all of the answers.  If I do, then how will I continue to grow?  Questions are fascinating.  Questions can open the door to a new world, and questions can also bring a world crashing down around you.  Some questions just linger, either spurring you on to further exploration or, as Morpheous from ‘The Matrix’ says:  “Life a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…”  …or something like that.  Questions are like invitations, they await your response.
This blog will mainly document my journey of faith and will also serve as a launching point for my short story/novel.  You, dear reader, will be able to have a front row seat as you watch this story unfold.  The story is partly auto-biographical as I put into a fictional story the pieces of what has happened in my life’s journey.
I’m trying to figure out, or maybe more correctly, I’m trying to be led into what really living a Christian life actually looks like.  This takes on many forms, from questioning long held beliefs to questioning why I do certain ‘Christian’ things. and whether or not there is a better way, a more life giving way.  Thankfully, I’m secure in my belief that God is big enough, seriously, He is BIG ENOUGH to “endure” my questions.  No matter how small they may be or no matter how blunt they may be, He doesn’t waiver or blink, nor does He strike me down or curse me because I dare raise a question.
He just loves me and teaches me.
So not only does “Life In The Question Marks”  mean me, Tom, trying to navigate life with all of my questions, but it also means finding Life inside those very question marks.  Jesus is Life, and it is the very life that He is and that He is offering that I am seeking.  Although questions come and go, I won’t be disturbed if I don’t get all the answers as long as I am receiving His Life on this journey.
So, it is my sincere hope that you, also, find His Life inside the question marks of your own journey.

I would love to hear from you. Let's have a good conversation but not go thermo-nuclear, mmmkay?

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